Pure Rosemary Essential Oil from Rosmarinus officinalis

    Volume: 10 ML

    Origin: India.

    ROSEMARY Essential Oil | Pure | 10ml

    SKU: 00017
    • 1. Enhance memory and stimulate creativity. Therefore those are sciencetist, art workers, stressful learners don't forget to have your own a bottle of this essential oil. 

      2. Tighten your skin.

      3. With anti-inflamamatory property, the essential oil reduces the swelling of the skin when used in facial sauna.

      4. Recover hair damage, stimulate hair growth. Especially suitable for oily hair due to its ability to reduce oil and dandruff.

      5. Support blood circulation when used in massage.

      6. Give you the feelings of freshness, refreshment and mental recovery.

      7. Help antibacteria and clean the air when diffused, especially in wet weather and high humidity.