Derived from Grape's seeds, contains 7% palmitic acid, 4% stearic acid, 16% oleic acid and 72% linonleic acid (main ingredients to nourish the skin, support the formation of new skin cell). In addition, grape seed oil has proanthocyanidins, an effective antioxidant which helps in healing skin damages by the sun.
Science name: Vitis vinifera
Volume: 50 ML.
Origin: France.

GRAPE SEED Oil | Pure | 50ml

SKU: 00025
  • 1. Tighten, shrink pores and tone the skin.

    2. Anti inflammation, prevent and repair damaged skin, especially acne skin. 

    3. Heal wounds.

    4. Reduce dark circles, regenerate skin cells. 

    5. Improve oil secretion, suitable to care oily skin.