Organic Soap Roses are special gift given with heart. They look like real rose bouquet, own rose scent and never dry. They can be used for decoration, bath, handwash and face wash. As organic soap, they gently clean your skin while nourishing with all natural and organic ingredients.

  • Each rose is handcrafted from all natural, organic soap made of Extra virgin olive oil, Organic coconut oil (USDA certified) and Shea butter.
  • 50% ingredients with USDA certified organic.
  • Soap roses last for 2 years or more.
  • Used for face wash, handwash and bath and beautiful decoration to your bathroom.
  • Scented with Rose geranium pure essential oil for tighten skin, anti-aging, anti inflammation.



  • Soap weight: 35-45 gram/ rose.
  • Bouquet accessaries & bag.


Soap Roses | All Natural | Organic

  • Organic coconut oil (USDA certified), Extra virgin Olive oil, Shea butter, Rose geranium pure essential oil , Pure water, Lye*.

    (*) Lye was completely converted into soap during saponification and no remained in final product.